Special Education Advocacy

Parent IEP Counseling/Coaching


My background in public school administration at various schools throughout the Bay Area, and training as an advanced-level advocate helps me when coaching parents who are working with their school-based teams.  I studied the importance of understanding a school's culture and what leads the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team when making decisions.  I have experienced the fears and frustrations that many parents share when their child is not progressing as expected.  I know what is reasonable to expect during the IEP process and can offer parents advice on their options when the process does not match their goals.  

As an advocate, my background in school psychology and assessment helps me when working with families and IEP teams.  As a Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP), I specialize in psychoeducational assessments for students with suspected dyslexia and am able to assess students on cases that I am not assisting the family as an advocate.