1. Introduction.  This can happen either by phone, videoconference, or at my office in Walnut Creek. The goal is to gather information on specific concerns and determine what the parent's goals for advocacy are. I can answer questions about my approach to advocacy and what the parent can expect from working with me. If the family decides to move forward with my support, a secure electronic contract is emailed to them the same day.  Introduction usually takes 30 minutes.
  2. Record Review.  Once the contract is signed, the parent collects report cards, student study team (SST) minutes, school reports, previous assessments, and pertinent medical records for me to review.  It usually takes me 1-2 hours to review records.
  3. Observation at School.  I go to the student's school to observe them. It’s best if I can observe the student for an hour during their area of most difficulty.  The parent typically sends an introductory email to both the school and me to initiate scheduling the observation.
  4. IEP Attendance.  The parent emails me the scheduled date for the meeting.  If I am already booked, I will offer a list of other times to help coordinate with the IEP team.  I attend the meeting with the parent.  IEP meetings usually last 1-2 hours.  
  5. Ongoing Communication.  Throughout the process, the parent can email/call me with updates, questions, concerns.